BlackPlayer EX v20.30 Final (Android)

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    BlackPlayer EX - rather harsh and original player for mobile devices which will be a pleasant surprise for fans of black and gray ascetic tones.  This is the very first thing that catches your eye.  But believe me its functional filling will not less please you.  In fact the player supports the most popular and widespread formats has an excellent five-band equalizer and very comfortable control.

    Features and features of the player
    - Supports standard audio files FLAC MP3 OGG WAV.
    - Equalizer.
    - Continuous playback.
    - Navigation mode.
    - Automatically stores track positions when the application is closed.
    - 3D effects.
    - Control from the lock screen.
    - Widgets.
    - Automatic and manual loading of album covers.
    - Fastest multi-threaded music search.
    - Support for Bluetooth A2DP / AVRCP.
    - Albums and playlists in the form of a list or as a grid.
    - Metadata from LastFM.
    - Choice of graphic design.
    - Bookmarks of pages that display tracks from your favorite album or playlist.
    - SmartQueue function.  Swipe up from the bottom edge to view the playback queue and move left or right.  Release to change the song.
    - The user interface is optimized for smartphones and tablets.
    - Ideal for AMOLED displays due to the large amount of black color.
    - Tag editor.
    - Sleep timer.
    - No advertising.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    - Added option to use 'Adaptive UI' as the main background. Activate in Styling settings.
    - New Now Playing theme 'Concept'.
    - Tried to fix very slow loading of Playlist tracks.
    - Tweaked Nougat notification button coloring.
    - Tried to fix missing line breaks in some lyrics.
    - Fixed bug with Importing some playlists.
    - Playlist exported from 'Auto Backup Playlists' should now be hidden from the Playlists.
    - Added feature to import all saved playlists from the BlackPlayer folder, found by tapping on the 'PLAYLISTS' title.
    - 'Now Playing' is removed from the left sliding menu, can be activated again in Interface -> Sliding left menu settings. It only opened Now playing from the bottom when clicked on.
    - Added option to show more Recently added albums in the 'RECENTLY ADDED' page.
    - Artist biography page can now be disabled from the Artist page instead of just in Settings.


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    Thanks for the APP.
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