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    Hey Everyone,so I just tried the new PC Game Vanquish it is off the Hook I tell ya! I have done all the Training and did the 1st Mission

    or stage of the game the Graphics are absolutely incredible game play very Fluid...Just want to hear anyone's Opinion

    on the new PC Game Vanquish or if you have any questions to help each other out would be Kool!

    One of the Special moves is Boost as you hold Down the LB+L stick to move from portal spot to the next one

    just in case anyone gets frustrated when you hold the LB Button down continue to hold it while the L-Stick

    is to move you into direction......Practice this in Training tutorial will help Big-time in Combat..Well Enjoy all...Peace out!
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    It is a good game I was watching, but very heavy, I still do not release it, but probably to me it seems a good game, I saw a video to see if my graphics card runs it and then runs it with everything on bass but it does not bother me.  :laugh:

    What is the game about? 

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