Hosts File Editor+ v.1.3.5

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    Hosts File Editor+ v.1.3.5



    Seamlessly edit host files, create backups for easy retrieval or create entirely new ones using this simple and straightforward tool
    Whether you have been the victim of a malware attack or perhaps somebody played a prank on you, there are times when you need to make modifications to the host files on your computer.
    Hosts File Editor is a small utility that enables you to effortlessly and freely manage the access to websites and network traffic by editing the host files.

    UI is user-friendly
    The setup is fast, uneventful and does not require any special attention from your part, as all you need to do is decompress the archive in any desired location on your hard drive. It is intuitive and easy to navigate.
    While in the left panel you can preview the list of hostnames that you can access or install, the right pane includes the options as well as several quick action buttons.

    A noteworthy feature is that you can reset the host file back to the default with just one click, an option that can surely come in handy if you are not entirely sure about what you are doing.
    Allows you to flush DNS cache and block websites

    In addition to making modifications to the host files, the application includes several other handy functions that you can take advantage of when tweaking your network traffic.
    For starters, you can update and disable or enable the host files that you need to monitor strictly. Moreover, the utility allows you turn the DNS service on and off and flush the cache whenever you notice that the traffic and transfer rates are sluggish.
    Lastly, the app provides you with quick buttons to block servers from various applications' servers that may be taking too much of your bandwidth.

    More precisely, you can block telemetry, Microsoft, Adobe or Corel servers as well as various social networks or adult content websites, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Redtube, for example.

    An intuitive tool for editing host files
    In the eventuality want to have more control over the network traffic by modifying, deleting, updating, downloading, installing and resetting host files, then perhaps Hosts File Editor can lend you a hand.


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