KVYcam v7.2.4.0

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    KVYcam v7.2.4.0



    KVYcam is designed to allow simultaneous connection from webcam video to multiple services including Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder, video chats, Skype and more.

    You easily be able to connect to various programs for the purpose of sending video from your webcam - it is important, as we found, that the camera(s) are already connected beforehand as it will give an error at the completion of program setup if not.

    KVYcam is extremely easy-to-configure for any skill level, and the UI is uncomplicated making navigation a cinch - you will be recording clips and sending video streams to multiple applications in minutes. It does ask permission to install KVYcam Sound, video, and game controller driver which isn't required for video function.

    Use this program for the following:

    1. Capture video from your webcam (TV-tuner or other video devices) and send it to other programs (splitting).

    2. Capture of video clip (film) and send it to other programs.

    3. Capture of PC’s desktop and send it to other programs.

    4. Capture of image and send it to other programs.

    5. Record video from your webcam and screen to MP4 file.

    6. Picture-in-picture (PiP) mode – working with two video sources.

    7. Change webcam parameters.

    8. Video review in the full screen.

     KVYcam can be used, as a virtual web camera.

    Homepage: http://kvy.com.ua/kvycam/

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