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    MediaMonkey Pro v1.3.0.0663
    Requirements: 4.0.3+
    Overview: MediaMonkey helps you navigate, manage and sync large music collections.

    Key features:
    ❖ Sync (wirelessly *) with MediaMonkey for Windows. Keeps playlists, tracks and videos including file info, ratings, lyrics, play history, etc. in sync.
    ❖ Manage Music, Classical music, Audiobooks, Podcasts, Video.
    ❖ Navigate by Artist, Album, Composer, Genre, Playlist, etc.) with support for multiple attributes (e.g. Genre=Rock;Alternative)
    ❖ Navigate by Folder **
    ❖ Play any content supported by your device (using system codecs), with replay gain (volume leveling) and an equalizer
    ❖ Sleep timer
    ▶ NEW: Cast to Google chrome cast or UPnP/DLNA devices ** †
    ❖ Bookmark large files (e.g. Audiobooks, videos)
    ❖ Access and download media from UPnP/DLNA servers **
    ❖ Player widgets for home screen or lock screen
    ❖ Edit properties of single/multiple files
    ❖ Manage single/multiple files (e.g. play, queue, playlist management, delete, use as ringtone, share)
    ❖ Playlist management with hierarchy
    ❖ Now Playing views: Album Art / Tracklist
    ❖ Compatible with with third-party scrobblers (Simple, Scrobble Droid,
    ❖ Full-library search
    ❖ etc...
    * USB Sync is unrestricted. Wi-Fi sync is a time-limited trial.
    ** Time limited trial.
    † Only supported on Android 4+

    Available Upgrades:
    ❱ Wi-Fi Sync addon: Unlocks unlimited wireless synchronization. Available as an in-app purchase.
    ❱ UPnP/DLNA addon: Unlocks unlimited UPnP/DLNA usage. Available as an in-app purchase.
    ❱ Advanced Media Management addon: Unlocks home screen customization, folder browser. Available as an in-app purchase.
    ❱ MediaMonkey Pro: Unlocks all trial functionality, and provides all of the addon features described above in one bundle. Available in the App Store.

    Explanation re. Permissions:
    In-app purchases - to purchase addons
    Device & app history (retrieve running apps) - to show/hide the tray icon
    Identity (find accounts on the device) - to allow purchases of addons
    Photos/Media/Files (Read, modify, delete, or test access to the contents of your USB storage) - to sync/download content via UPnP
    Wi-Fi and Other network connection information (view Wi-Fi connections, full network access, connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi, allow Wi-Fi Multicast reception, view network connections) - for Wi-Fi sync / UPnP
    - prevent device from sleeping) - for video playback
    - modify system settings - to change Wi-Fi settings
    - change your audio settings - for audio/video playback
    - pair with Bluetooth devices - for bluetooth playback
    - install shortcuts - to add playlist shortcuts
    - read phone status and identity - to hide the Lock Screen Player (only on system OS versions < 4.2) during a phone call
    - disable your screen lock - to allow for a Lock Screen Player on system OS versions < 4.2


    Fixed in 663:
    - Failed playback in Android Auto
    - Stability issues
    Android Auto support
    Played and Skipped counters to Properties
    Subtitle support
    Casting latency
    Terminate sync gracefully on error
    Resume playback from last position on disconnect
    Fixed over 25 issues including:
    Play files via other apps
    Sync: missing album art, slow deletion
    Date representation
    Stability and DB reliability issues
    NOTE: Be sure to sync with MediaMonkey for Windows 4.1.14+

    More info:

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