Microsoft stopped supporting Windows 7 and 8 on the latest "hardware"

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    Owners of modern computers running Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, trying to install the latest security updates, received an error about "unsupported hardware." As it turned out, this week Microsoft stopped support for obsolete operating systems on the latest hardware,
    Which the company warned about in January last year.

    The end of the extended support for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 is January 14, 2020 and January 10, 2023 respectively. However, if the PC uses the newest processors, such as Intel's 7th generation (Kaby Lake), released in late 2016,
    AMD Ryzen (Bristol Ridge) or Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 (MSM 8996), it will not be possible to install updates.

    The message says that "your computer uses a processor that is not supported in this version of Windows, and you will not receive updates." The only supported platform for the new hardware is Windows 10.

    As it appears,
    Microsoft and its partners do not see much sense in "polishing" the old operating systems for a new generation of processors. As a result, when you install Windows 7 or 8 on a PC with such chips, the system may not work correctly, or at least not have important updates available on a PC with processors from previous generations.

    Владельцы современных компьютеров под управлением Windows 7 и Windows 8.1, попытавшиеся установить последние обновления безопасности, получили ошибку о "неподдерживаемом оборудовании". Как оказалось, на этой неделе Microsoft прекратила поддержку устаревших операционных систем на новейшем "железе", о чем компания предупредила еще в январе прошлого года.

    Сроки окончания расширенной поддержки Windows 7 и Windows 8.1 — 14 января 2020 года и 10 января 2023 года соответственно. Тем не менее, если ПК использует самые новые процессоры, такие как Intel 7-го поколения (Kaby Lake), вышедшие в конце 2016-го, AMD Ryzen (Bristol Ridge) или Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 (MSM 8996), поставить апдейты не получится.

    В сообщении сказано, что "ваш компьютер использует процессор, который не поддерживается в этой версии Windows, и вы не будете получать обновления". Единственной поддерживаемой платформой для нового "железа" окажется только Windows 10.

    Судя по всему, Microsoft и ее партнеры не видят особого смысла в "шлифовке" старых операционок под новое поколение процессоров. В результате при установке Windows 7 или 8 на ПК с такими чипами система может работать некорректно или как минимум не иметь важных обновлений, доступных на ПК с процессорами предыдущих поколений.

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     it is a low blow for consumers of pure windows 7 & 8 worldwide.

    win 10 Forcing us to take it by hook or by crook , LOL

    no longer were able to convince everyone. like it or not. 

    They are angry with the results.


    lol lol lol P3T0K, We will resist.




    when win 7 die, my next systems to try: LINUX.
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    glad to know that they are finishing microsoft :D

    they are forcing people to install windows 10 MF
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    excelent, You always to use linux family, for you no problem, and makes you happy.

    Microsoft wants to finish its own market.

    What opine shiva about of this?

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    instead of cake, how about cow dung ?
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    Is the best thing that could happen, because there are not 2 versions of windows 10 where the enduser can decide

    1- The current, in which they do all kinds of things,In which you will be studied as a laboratory rat to improve their products.

    2- version without aps & telemetry activities cloud, like w7, for users more demanding,  Feel free.
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    your comment made my day B) totally agreed
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    thanks my friend, here I feel free. you're a good person, the same i say about my friend Феникс, Although he always seems displeased. :laugh:
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    :ph34r: maybe he is watching :rolleyes:
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    oh yes hehehehehe! :ph34r: :laugh:

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