Sharing premium accounts! Do you need this?

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    Hi dudes! ooops :D  Sorry, all users our forum. 
    What do I propose to discuss and decide? I found on the Internet a website that sharing free paid premium accounts for many WWW paid services for all users of the worldwide network. How it occurs: Service spreads pre-paid accounts on third-party service for example of, you Prove you-re Humen and solve the captcha, then we write unlock keycode (or keycode write now in the forum topic), you - copy this keycode and paste in web service, now you use premium account.  Premium accounts appear every day and include a variety of paid services like HBO NOW, SurfEasy Premium VPN Lifetime subscription, ByteBX Premium Torrent streaming and downloading (search in the Google What is it?), WWE Premium Restling TV show keys and more. What is required of you? Please vote do you need it or not? Briefly in your own words describe why you think so? And the most important request: after we create this theme on forum, please do not change the password for premium accounts so that others can use it.  Can you? Now I have premium and paid accounts to next WWW services: Spotify Premium, HBO NOW key code and accounts with pawsswords, ByteBx 2 Premium accounts, Wwe Premium key, Netflix Premium, Deezer Premium Plus, FileStream.Me Premium account, Express VPN Premium key codes from 3 months to 1 year subscription. And all day we sharing new premium accounts in association with WWW site, who sharing this accounts. What do you think? Sharing? And why?
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    Hey @Fenix_Cracks

    this sounds like a great idea! more content for users!

    Password changes would need to be regulated though and would likely be the biggest hurdle.
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