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    SUMoPortable_4.5.0.325-DUMo_2.6.1.40_Multilingual.paf.exe (1.78MB)

    SUMo is a pretty handy software program designed to keep the applications you're using up to date, by providing a very simple way to find out whether there's any update available for a certain program or not.
    Automatically scan the PC for installed apps

    Although it may sound a bit complicated, SUMo automatically scans your computer and analyzes the installed applications to determine up-to-date tools, along with minor and major updates.

    There is also the option to perform the whole job manually by simply dragging and dropping an executable file over the main window, or by indicating a custom drive or directory, thus letting SUMo conduct a scan and check for updates.

    DUMo stands for Drivers Update Monitor and as soon as you run it, it automatically scans the host system and identifies all the installed drivers.

    In addition to the device associated to the driver, the application also displays the manufacturer’s name and the complete version number.

    Double-clicking an entry takes you to a dedicated webpage where you can view the latest version number of the driver so you can compare it to your own. If your driver is old, you can update it by browsing the web for the latest package and install it on your PC.
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