Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege (6.2/upd42/dlc) Repack =nemos=

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    Release date December 1 2015
    Release date in Russia December 1 2015
    Genre Action (Tactical Shooter) 3D 1st Person
    Official website link

    Developer Ubisoft Montral
    Publisher Ubisoft Entertainment
    Publisher in Russia 1C-SoftKlab
    Release from = nemos =

    Interface language Russian English
    Language of voice Russian English
    Subtitle Language Russian English
    Localization 1C-SoftKlab
    Version 6.2 (Update 42)
    Publication Type Repack

    System requirements
    Operating system Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
    Processor Intel Core i3 560 / AMD Phenom II X4 945 |  3.0 GHz
    RAM 6 GB
    Free hard disk space 40 GB
    Video card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 or AMD Radeon HD 5870 |  DirectX-11 1 GB

    Tablet Embedded (3DM)

    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is a first-person shooter.  The game focuses on team play and realism.  Nevertheless there are significant differences with the old versions of the game.  The shooter focuses on the multiplayer game and features a destructible environment.  Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Siege - a new part of the world-famous series of first-person shooters developed by Ubisoft Montreal.  You are waiting for intense fighting with a constant risk to life teamwork and of course the most complicated operations.  An important element of the gameplay is the ability to destroy objects.  The main thing is to do it wisely!  Hot skirmishes and tactical planning come to a new level in the best traditions of the Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six series.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Siege - Year 2 Pass
    DLC - Dust Line
    DLC - Skull Rain
    DLC - Red Crow
    DLC - Bartlett University
    DLC - Operation Velvet Shell
    DLC - Operation Health

    How to play online
    Install the game
    Install Tunngle Setup (in the software when installing the game)
    In the updated version of Tunngle Setup openVPN can not be installed
    If you do not install openVPN then configure your network adapter by going to the network management and sharing center
    The row for changing adapter settings - right-click Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP / IPv4)
    Go to Properties - Advanced - Automatically assign a metric and uncheck the box.
    The interface metric is 10
    Oak Ok Close - Close
    Register on the Tunngle Website
    After the first start the folder save3dmgames will appear in the installed game
    Open this folder and the saves.ini file in it.
    In the line PlayName = 3DM in place 3DM write your login specified when registering on Tunngle
    Configure Tunngle
    From the left in the program where the Search network write six
    Render anter
    Select server and start from the list by double-clicking the mouse
    Start the game and select the network game - user game - local - join and update the list of servers



    To change the nickname for the network game go to the folder with the game on the way Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Siege - save3dmgames and there saves.ini file in it record PlayName = 3DM put your own instead of 3DM

    Features of the release
    Game version - 6.2 (Update 42)
    Do not recoded
    Do not cut
    Languages of voice Russian English
    Languages text Russian English
    Release without Ultra HD Texture Pack
    Present DLC Year 2 Pass Dust Line Skull Rain Red Crow Bartlett University Operation Velvet Shell Operation Health
    Ability to play on the network via Tunngle
    Install additional software (optional)
    After installation the game takes ~ 36 GB
    Installation ~ 35 min (Depends on the computer)
    All registry paths are preserved

    Release from = nemos =

    Description of installation and startup
    Run the file "Setup.exe"
    Install following the prompts of the installer
    Upon completion of the successful installation the game is ready to be launched
    If the game starts in English we go to the menu and click on the gear on the right side go to options tab (Audio)
    The choice of languages for voice and text is now changed in the game menu
    Be sure to uninstall the antivirus software so that they do not block the tablet files.
    Important By default this distribution shows compatibility on Win-7.  On other systems compatibility on startup has to be changed.
    Be careful!  Your saveings are in the folder of the installed game.  When deleting or reinstalling the game make a backup of your save.

    Update distribution history
    The game is repacked and updated.  Game version 6.2 (Update 38).  Sewn Patch  Updated tablet.
    The game is repacked and updated.  Game version 6.2 (Update 39).  Sewn Patch 2.2.0.  Added DLC - Operation Health
    The game is repacked and updated.  Game version 6.2 (Update 40).  Sewn Patch 2.2.1.  Click here for updates
    The game is repacked and updated.  Game version 6.2 (Update 41).  Sewn Patch 2.2.2.  Updated Tunngle - Free Client v.5.8.9 (if the previous version is installed be sure to update)
    The game is repacked and updated.  Game version 6.2 (Update 42).  Attention!  For some strange reason Ubisoft tried to stick to the use of the presence of DVDs when launching the game if suddenly launching the game and when two tablets requiring a disc appear just click on them (Cancel) and play calmly.  Let's hope that in future patches this will somehow be corrected.  All information about updates to watch here
    The game is repacked and updated.  Game version 11345827 (Update 43).  Recovered languages and voice acting in the game.  All information about updates to watch here
    A rollback to the previous version of the game was made.  Game version 6.2 (Update 42).  The reason for the rollback is that with the new Update 43 patch through Tunngle there were no servers

    DIRECT LINK TO DOWNLOAD (Uploading, please wait)
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