USB Supercharger (dramatically speeds system)

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    Software version:0.99853

    Official website:
    Language: English

    Treatment: 4

    System requirements:

    Windows 7, XP, Vista, Windows 8, and 10.  (most i need is xp, win 7)

    DESCRIPTION:  USB Flash drives random write very slowly and inefficiently. USB SuperCharger changes how data is written to a USB drive, so the drive always writes at its much faster linear speed. The results are remarkable



    Hi everyone.  I really need crack or kg for this software.  I uploaded a known working copy of the setup file myself because their website seems defunct with many broken links and I think you probably can't get the software there. (I could not) 

    So why i want this old software so much?  Because it truly works and it can make your laptop or older DT faster, in a way that you can really notice.  The way i want to use is that i put it on a tiny usb drive that can fit in my notebook flush (so it's not sticking out and i can always leave it there)  then i put on it my portable browser and many port apps i use so i don't have to install many apps on my computer.  it really make things work fast like i have an SSD.  Anyways that was from my testing it with the free version so it was only usb 2.0 and it make my browser open in about half the time than on the same drive without the software.  Also everything more responsive.  I really want to try it with a much bigger and faster usb 3.0 drive so i can also put my windows swap file on it too.  That should rock.

    if you use windows readyboost or ebooster or such,  i'm sure this will make it faster.  Also it's supposed to make your drive last much longer.

    I don't have the skills to crack this myself but i hope somebody who does can take a look because it really is one of the nice tricks you can do on a system to make stuff seconds faster instead of just microseconds.  Thank you!
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