Windows 7/8/8.1/10 variety Performance Tweaks

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    I have found some good tweaks online few days, i have tried them and it helped me alot in performance.

    Source - 

    Here - How to: Change SATA Modes After Windows Installation
    Here - Improve SATA hard disk performance (Convert from IDE to AHCI)
    Here - Use RAMDisk to boost your browsing on your fav browser
    Here - Use RAMDisk to boost your fav applications on windows OS
    Here - Use RAMDisk to boost your fav applications on windows OS 2
    Here - Use PrimoCache to extremely boost your PC performance using RAM to cache content of your files
    Here - Users submitted Tweaks
    Here - Variety tweaks for windows OS - Tweakhound
    Here - Variety tweaks for windows OS 2 - Tweaks

    Here - Another site you can use to download tweaking tools, i have downloaded few tweaking tools from there.

    I wanted to post this for people with low spec computers that would like to boost their PCs with these hidden tweaks. Give it a try it helped me alot.
    I will try to keep this thread updated as much safe sources i find :)

    Good day to everyone.
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    good article bookmarked thanks for sharing
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    thanks, Although I was already aware, but your manuals are welcome.

    on the otherhand

    who likes to walk much in regedit, should use this:
    RegOwnershipEx Save a lot of time, help to take full permissions And go directly to the key you want.

    other utility for regedit
    Description: RegScanner is a small utility that allows you to scan the Registry, find the desired Registry values that match to the specified search criteria, and display them in one list. After finding the Registry values, you can easily jump to the right value in RegEdit, simply by double-clicking the desired Registry item. You can also export the found Registry values into a .reg file that can be used in RegEdit.
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