Windows 7 Still Number One on Windows Desktop 2017

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    Windows 7 continues to be the leading choice on the desktop for Windows users, new data provided by StatCounter indicates, as adoption of Microsoft’s Windows 10 is slowing down.

    Figures provided for the month of March indicate that Windows 7 remained the top choice with a market share of 47.03 percent, while Windows 10 was the runner-up with 34.28 percent. Windows 8.1 was third with 9.63 percent, while Windows XP dropped to 5.46 percent.

    This means that Windows 7 is running on nearly 1 in 2 desktop computers in the world, despite Microsoft’s aggressive push for Windows 10, especially in the first 12 months after the July 2015 launch.

    With end of support planned for January 2020, Windows 7 is indeed losing market share points, but it does it at a rather slow pace. Last month, for instance, it dropped from 47.17 percent to 47.03 percent, while Windows 10 improved only slightly from 33.8 percent to 34.28 percent.

    The Windows 7 problem

    Windows 7 having such a big share means trouble for Microsoft, as this operating system is reaching end of support in less than 3 years and users running it don’t seem to be willing to upgrade to Windows 10 just yet.

    Windows 7 actually resisted the Windows 10 free upgrade promo and remains close to the 50 percent threshold despite Microsoft pushing the latest operating system so aggressively, and there’s a good chance many users would stick with it in the coming years as well.

    As a result, Windows 7 is very likely to become the second Windows XP when it comes to operating systems that users refuse to abandon despite end of support, and Microsoft can’t be pleased with this thing, especially because it means users could be exposed to attacks targeting unpatched vulnerabilities.

    More updates for Windows 10 will land in the coming years though, so Windows 7’s market share will undoubtedly drop at a faster pace in the coming years.
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    win7 its better.
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    no doubt :rolleyes:
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    What happens is: Windows10 implements mandatory tablet&cellphone functions that are impossible to remove or disable on pc. Most people only have a mouse&touchpad laptop, Not all people will buy a new SURFACEPRO to take advantage of touch functions. Yes you can force to remove it,but you will have to damage the hook of the modernUI and TheStore that later SFC & DISM will not be able to fix.. windows 10 is designed to new touch computers.Ugly and large buttons throughout the explorer and menus, clock, network flyout, screen options, Neither do they want global positioning, nor robotic agents sucking information. Other people who do not use any of those remote applications nor is it interested in the cloud.
    Windows is much less customizable, more slow at startup, It takes much longer to restart. It brings many unnecessary things,that we can not get rid of them.
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    xd Win7 for gamers

    I prefer windows 10 I like to be updated.
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